Dead weight.

We often hold on to dead weight with the thought of dreading of letting go. We think that if we let it go we will not find anything that could replace it. We feel that it’s a necessity to hold onto it because we are comfortable with it. Truth is, dead weight can and will only hinder you. It will hinder you from reaching your dreams, achieving goals, living your best life, all of that. It brings you down. Dead weight can bring you into a type of depression mode. Let that dead weight go! Once you do, you will then see what all you have truly been missing in life. You will be able to live. There will be no more depression or feeling heavy and weighed down. Things start to lighten up for you. It’s like a pressure will be released from you. Dats become better and smiles become your best and favorite accessory. Dead weight will slowly kill you. Don’t let dead weight kill you or dreams for life. Dead weight is something serious and deadly. Drop that weight and you’ll see just how great everything will be. I know it’s easier said than done but it’s a process. God heals all wounds and you will be just fine.

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