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Her Imports Virgin Hair| What’s the Hype?

Today I am going to be talking about some virgin hair that I got from Her Import. I have the Brazilian Body Wave in inched 16, 18, 20 in its natural color. I am going to give this hair a thumbs up. I love the natural wave pattern of this hair (pictured below)

This is how the hair looks air dried. The closure that I am wearing is from AliExpress though. This hair does not require that much maintenance. All I do is spray it with water braid it up and I hang it up until I am ready to wear it again. This is a lace closure wig that I made myself. The waves are also pretty when I brush them out. I have flat ironed this hair and it did great. It stayed straight until I washed it again. The waves came back and they were just as pretty like the day I first washed it. I do not get that much shedding. I can run my fingers through this hair and I will get maybe 4 strings of hair that’s all. I think that is great compared to some virgin hair I used to get. This hair holds curls really really well. I have worn this hair and got it completely wet, to a water park, the beach, and a pool at a hotel. The hair never dried out, it didn’t become crunchy, it didn’t lose its wave pattern, it stayed the same. It’s still soft as ever and has body. I definitely recommend this hair. You won’t go wrong with this body wave hair. I want to start doing more of my beauty, makeup, and hair reviews on my blog as well and not just on my YouTube channel. If you have any questions about this hair or if anyone is interested in having me review hair or anything for them just shoot me an email at I hope this review was helpful in any way!

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