New Year, New Who?

Happy New Year everyone!! I’m so happy to be able to say that. It is truly a blessing to be alive and celebrate another new year. I pray that every one makes the best of it. On another note, we all have heard of the “New Year, new me” saying, but let’s be honest, how many of you have actually became a new person or know of someone who did in the previous years? I can’t say that I have became a new person or know of anyone who became a new person either. In my opinion that saying is so cliche. I think that instead of trying to become a whole new person you should just be your true self. We all have flaws and some of us have habits or lifestyles that we need to change or improve. When a new year comes we make all of these resolutions to make those changes or improvements or to become a whole new person but majority fail to do so, I, myself am one of them. We then give up midway through the year and end up doing the very same things that we promised ourselves we weren’t going to do. Next thing you know we are telling ourselves that when the new year comes we will start off fresh and become a new person. I used to do that and say those exact words. I would always tell myself I’d be a brand new person when the next year rolls around. As I sit and think, I realize that we shouldn’t wait until a new year comes around to make changes, improvements, or better decisions. We should take action then and there, new year or not. Truth is we should remain our true selves but just make those adequate changes and improvements to become a better self. We shouldn’t have to try to be a new person just to fit in with society. We should, however, pursue the things we need to do in order to grow and reach our goals. Being your true self instead of trying to be a new “fake” you is much more satisfying physically, mentally, and emotionally. So instead of saying “New Year, new me”, say “New Year, better me”. Better yourself to make the changes and improvements that you need, better yourself to get out of stressful situations, better yourself to reach your goals, better yourself to help your health and mental state. It’s all about bettering yourself, not becoming a complete new person. I pray that everyone reaches their goals, let go of stressful relationships and dead relationships, make moves, elevate themselves, become physically mentally and emotionally pure, glow up, be financially successful, be healed, prospers, get that dream job, chase their dreams, make the best improvements and changes, and be happy and stress free. Never settle for less than the best or get discouraged. New year, new who? Just be a better you!

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3 thoughts on “New Year, New Who?

  1. Just be true to yourself! Words to live by. I think that this is important because it doesn’t give you permission to continue bad habits but the opposite. It allows you the opportunity to grow, examine yourself and make improvements. That’s a more realistic goal than me trying to become a completely new person. I like this post. Happy New Year!

  2. I agree. I never make resolutions. I try to make goals for myself during the year each month. I am always looking how I can help myself grow, learn and just be a better person. Thanks for sharing!

  3. The older I get, the more I see that most resolutions are unrealistic. I have started seeing them as ways to better the things I may have not been the best at last year. If I do set a resolution I look at them and try to make them realistic and attainable. Great post love!

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