Lavish Bombshell Mink Eyelashes

Hello everyone! I’m coming to you all today with another beauty post. I had the pleasure of reviewing some bomb eyelashes from a company called Lavish Bombshell. Y’all these eyelashes are amazing. They are so soft. As you all know I’m still in the beginner stage of applying eyelashes but I must say these lashes turned out okay on me. They are long and full which is great because nobody likes scraggly eyelashes. It did not feel like I had false eyelashes on, that’s how lightweight they are. They literally feel like feathers on my eyes. I didn’t have to put mascara on these for them to look natural either. They have a very natural looking finish so mascara was not needed afterwards. I am so amazed at how soft these are. Some of the eyelashes I’ve had before felt fake and rough, but these are sooo soft. I absolutely love them. I have included pictures of them below. Please don’t mind my half beat face lol. In one photo I have already cut and adjusted the lashes to fit my eyes. You can purchase these bomb eyelashes at http://www.lavishbombshell.com/ . I definitely recommend these lashes. I cannot wait to wear the other pair for my birthday next Friday! 

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