Family is Everything

On the way to Florida with my family and I’m very excited! This will be the first time my son gets to go to the beach! We have seen so many things and he was very excited about it. It makes me smile and very good to know that he loves the things that we have seen so far. I love that he is happy. His happiness means the world to me. As we are riding I am thinking to myself “Family is Everything.” Family is supposed to get along, love each other, be there for each other, comfort each other, and most importantly stick together. When you don’t have anyone else or when all of those so called friend vanish you should be able to fall on your family. They should be there to help pick you up during bad times and bring out the best in you. Family over everything right? It is important to get things right with each and every family member if there is ever problem amongst each other. You never know when that person’s last day on earth is and it would be a horrible feeling if they passed over to the other side and you didn’t get the chance to make amends. That is why it is important to let little things go and love each other. A family that prays together stays together. Let’s practice praying for peace through all things. Let’s practice praying for a heart that loves and a mind that understands. Let’s practice praying that God strengthens our families. Family means everything. I pray for peace and equality in all families 💙

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