Encourage Yourself and Others

Life is truly a roller coaster. One minute everything will be peaches and cream the next minute it’s falling apart. I’ve learned that you can encourage someone as much as you can, be an anchor for that person but it is ultimately up to them to make the best and right choice. You simply cannot mold or change someone on your own. It’s beyond your power. It’s up to God and that person. Sure you can be a positive influence to that person but it’s up to them to do right. One minute you can be having the best time of your life the next it’s crumbling. Life comes at you fast but you must be prepared to take on every obstacle that it throws your way. It’s all about making the best and right choices. You either listen to the angel on one shoulder or the devil on the other. The little devil on your shoulder can get you into a lot of devilish things. It can make your life a living hell if you allow it or stay in your old negative ways. Again I say it’s up to you to make the best and right choice. Break the chains from being bound to negativity, drama, evil, and any other thing that has you bound. Pray for deliverance, pray for a positive attitude. Anyone can change if they put their mind to it, pray about it, and move forward with it. I also learned that I should not stop encouraging people even if I feel that it’s not going through to them. Sometimes those encouraging words can help that person out of trying times. I pray for peace, and guidance to everyone who reads this.

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