Negativity is a No No

This has been a very long day. I haven’t had the time to just sit down and relax at all today. I have had tons of schoolwork that I needed to get finished today and it has literally taken majority of my day. My family and I leave for Florida in a few days and I am just now starting to pack. I can say that packing is not as easy as I thought it would be. I have a lot more to pack but I decided to take a minute out and write my blog post for the day. On yesterday I attended my nieces basketball game and I was presented with a picture that spoke volumes to me. It is a quote from Joel Osteen and it really touched my soul. He stated that “some people will try to bait you. They feed off of arguing. They’ll do things on purpose to try to stir you up. If you give in, you take the bait, then you’re allowing them to control you. Do yourself a favor and do not take the bait. Next time that happens, just smile and move forward. You have a destiny to fulfill. You don’t have time to play those games.” When I read that quote I immediately started to feel some type of relief. I had been in a situation where I was being baited and I am glad that I followed my first mind and did not revert back to my old ways and show out. That message gave me clarity that people will really try to get you to cut up and embarrass yourself. I am learning not to be tempted and not “take the bait.” If you slip up even a little bit that person will feel like they have gained control over your thoughts and emotions. That is not good and I can definitely say I will not let anyone have that much power over me. Prayer helps and it definitely changes things. Turn the other cheek and keep going forward. Nothing is worth getting a bad rep and acting a fool over something so little and petty. Always remember to not take the bait. I guess that is all for tonight. Goodnight my fellow bloggers, say your prayers and have a blessed night!

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