Have Faith

Today was a very scary day. My fiancé and I went to another city to handle some business and when we arrived we were amongst bad weather. Time passed by and all of a sudden the sirens began to sound off. We were under tornado warning and were told to take shelter. I immediately began to pray and plead the blood of Jesus over each of us. There was a bridge in front of us and there was a funnel cloud passing right by us. The sky began to clear up and the clouds began to move in another direction. The sun began to peek out a little and everything calmed down. Before there was heavy rain, high winds, and it was very dark. My lesson go today is to pray and have faith. I prayed for God’s protection over us and I have faith and believed that he would take care of us and keep us from harms way. He did just that. It is very important to pray, have faith, and believe. We must not doubt the things God can do for us. Has there been a time when your faith was being tested?

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