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My Week at a Glance

Hey everyone! It’s been a few days since I’ve made a post but I have been really busy. I’m going to tell you why! My birthday was on November 3rd and I had an amazing weekend. My fiancé and I went out to dinner, stayed at a hotel for the night, and he also surprised me with the digital camera I had been wanting a trip to Ulta Beauty. I had an amazing weekend. Below are a few snaps from that weekend

Another amazing event that happened was the day my niece officially signed with Mississippi Valley State University. She had her college signing day at school and all of our family went. We then had a family celebration congratulating her on her success. I am so proud of her for pushing through all of the negativity that was thrown at her. It was truly a loving moment. Below are some snaps

The last amazing event that happened this week is me becoming employed at a place I never thought I’d be. I’m sooo happy and thankful to be able to start my medical career in a place with such a nice atmosphere.

I’m truly thankful for each event that took place this week and last. Patience is definitely the key. Also, be on the look out for another beauty post coming in a couple of days!

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