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Dear Leah, A Letter to My Younger Self.

Some of us have always wished we could go back in time and give our younger selves a pep talk. A pep talk that would have prevented us from going through or doing certain things that did not benefit us in the long run or anything in that nature. Well today I am going to write a letter to my younger self of what I should have done instead of what I did do (I hope that makes sense). There are things that we are not happy about or not proud and we often times wish we could go back in time and change that. I am going to write all about that in this letter to my younger self. Here it goes!

Dear, Leah
It is your senior year in high school and you are preparing to graduate in the next few months, you did it girl! Things are going to take a dramatic change in these next few months so you need to be getting more prepared than what you already are. Get your work in on time and actually put forth the effort towards your schoolwork!!! You are so smart yet you don’t utilize it to the fullest with your work. If you would have put forth more effort to your schoolwork instead of goofing off with your friends then you would have ranked higher than number 24 in your class. Be yourself girl, just be yourself. When you graduate high school you are going to wish that you would have voiced your opinion and views on things more.You didn’t have to try to fit in, you should have been your true self. Once you got older you figured that out. You shouldn’t have put your best friend to the back of you. You are going to miss her when yall go yall separate ways for good. You all still talk though like nothing ever got between you two so it’s okay. You should have went to Meridian Community College first like you started to and like your sister told you to. You wouldn’t be in so much debt that you are in now and you probably would have made some cool girl friends. You wouldn’t be sitting all alone feeling friendless like you do now. There is nothing wrong with having some good friends. Be by yourself girl, until the good Lord sends your beau to you. You should have listened to your mother and your best friend. Don’t let something that is glistening so bright or something so lustful get in your head and make you switch lanes. You weren’t ready for that type of relationship yet especially all of the baggage that came with it. However you did help the fellow that you got involved with. You are not your true self with him, your glow disappeared and you are no longer the girl that you used to be. You may have crossed paths for a reason but maybe it was meant to be seasonal instead of lifetime. Get you a J-O-B!! Girl get you a job so you can save up for your OWN car. You could have gotten all of the things you needed by yourself, on your own. You probably would be working now. Now it is really hard for you to get a job even after applying everywhere. You could have worked at the these little fast food restaurants to start off with and even a department store. Get your own coins so you don’t have to depend on NOBODY!! Because at the end of the day they will throw it in your face and ask for it back. Love yourself first babygirl. Take pride in the female that you are, don’t settle for less than your best, and don’t lower your standards or goals for anyone. It will save you a lot of stress, worry, and anger. You should have improved your relationship with God too. You need him more than ever right now to help you fight through the problems that you are facing, but you are praying hard now so it’s all good. You should have kept your focus on yourself and your own goals instead of somebody elses. Now you looking kind of crazy cause you got on the wrong track and got kind of lost. You are slowly finding your own road now. Leah, you should have enjoyed your youth and made many good, happy memories. You should have got the feel of college, making new friends, going great places, and seeing new things. You should have enjoyed life to the fullest while you could have. I must say you learned your lessons and now you are getting better. You are starting to find yourself more and more each day. You are a wonderful mother to a 3 years old little boy. He is the light of your world. He is who you are living and evolving for. Even though life didn’t work out out how you thought and planned it would it is all okay. Love yourself first, or nobody will. I wish you would have stuck with that. You are now learning and experiencing self love all over again. You got this girl!!! Keep striving and things will manifest the way you prayed for.
The older you, Leah

15 thoughts on “Dear Leah, A Letter to My Younger Self.

  1. I love the idea of reflecting on the journey we've taken since high school and writing to our younger selves! I might give this a try. Sounds like you've learnt some valuable lessons along the way but that you are very happy now with your little boy!

  2. This is such good advice! It's good to reflect back on things we would do differently once we have the experience behind us – it helps us see clearer how we could change our behaviour in our current situations and is a really good tool to see what we treasure most and what we should work towards 🙂

    I bet you felt so much better after writing this down!

  3. I love your reflection on life in this letter to your younger self. I also left so many people on the back burner when I went off to college. I should have majored in something else. That's water under the bridge though.

  4. Leah, this was everything and more. We get so caught up and believing we are grown that last year of HS. I wish I could go back and redo all the stupid things I did. I'm glad I'm not alone in knowing that although we don't always do what is told of us, we get over the dark times and our glow will be brighter than before.

  5. i started to cry for a moment. It reminded me of a letter I wrote to myself. Live with no regrets boo because those are the things that make you great at this very moment and great for you little man. Good read!! I need to go revive mine.

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