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Today’s blog post is about 3 of my favorite makeup must haves! We all have our favorite pieces of makeup that we just have to have or have to wear. One of my favorites is my Minty Shine Refreshing Lip Gloss by Victoria’s Secret. It is practically the only clear lip gloss that I wear. It’s one of my must haves because it has that refreshing sensation, smells good, and it makes my lips pop. The second must have is my black liquid eye pen by Avon it is the absolute best! I love how darkly pigmented it is and how easy it is for me to do a winged eyeliner makes doing a cat eye or wing super easy!
 I use this all of the time for my top eye line. The final must have is my black Revlon Grow Luscious mascara. It definitely gives my eyelashes some definition an length. It is my go to mascara for everyday looks. The products I named in the post are products that I use just about everyday when I wear makeup. I even use them when I am doing a more dramatic/formal makeup look. These products are also inexpensive, I didn’t have to break the bank just for three items which is great! I will be utilizing these products in some of my fall makeup tutorials/looks so be on the lookout! What are some of your favorite makeup must haves?

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  1. For everyday wear I tend to focus on eyes and a nice glow. I use a brow kit from Lamik Beauty (a black owned brand from Houston), any very black liner, a powder bronzer from MAC, and good ole Scandal Eyes mascara from Rimmel. The brow kit and bronzer weren't exactly bargain finds, but I've been using both for over months, and I've barely put a dent in them!

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