Treat yourself, don’t beat yourself

Yesterday I posted a nice quote on my Instagram page (@leahhhh__)  it said “Treat yourself. Don’t beat yourself.” When I made that quote I didn’t really elaborate on its meaning right then. I mean, I knew what I meant I just didn’t sit down and actually ponder on it for a while. Well, this morning I did my usual, I woke up got myself and my son dressed so I could take him to his bus stop, and as I we were sitting waiting for the bus I started to feel really sad. I began to beat myself up on how I didn’t look a certain way, dress a certain way, how much of a parent I was and other things. I got into a kind of depressed mode as we sat there. I was telling my fiancé about it and he was telling me to stop. He told me I was hurting myself because of the negative and discouraging things I was saying/thinking to myself. I realized he was right. I was literally driving myself crazy with my own thoughts. Then my quote from yesterday popped in my head. I now fully understand that I must not beat myself but in fact treat myself. My fiancé told me I looked fine, I’m the greatest parent ever, and things would be okay and work out just fine. I shouldn’t beat myself up over things that are vaguely an imaginative opinion I have on myself. I am definitely going to treat myself to some encouraging self talk and possibly makeup from BH Cosmetics 🙂 (My favorite place for makeup). So today I tell you all to stop beating yourself. Things are not always how they appear, they actually are better than you think. Treat yourself, don’t beat yourself ladies. I hope everyone have a positive and blessed day! Always remember this scripture (my personal favorite) God is within her she will not fail Psalms 46:5.

13 thoughts on “Treat yourself, don’t beat yourself

  1. I love the concept. I know we (as women or as moms) are too hard on ourselves and tend to get discouraged or beat ourselves up. Instead, we should be taking time to consider all the amazing things we do every day and do something nice for ourselves! Love this!

  2. I agree. Also, self care and treating yourself better is often a lot harder than deprecating yourself at every step, but that doesn't mean we shouldn't put an effort into it. Stay positive!

  3. It's so easy to get caught up in self deprecating thoughts, isn't it? I deal with that too. I love this Bible verse Philippians 4:13, "I can do all this through Him who gives me strength."

    -Sophia Dang

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