Showing Support

It has been a few days since I have made an actual blog post about my day or something that I have learned but I’m here now. I have been busy getting my YouTube channel together and doing reviews/promotions for makeup and hair that I haven’t had time to just sit down and blog. After sitting back and looking over my blog posts and video submissions I realized that I do not receive as much support as I give out. It’s kind of crazy how people support others and their ideas who are popular but don’t support people around them with their ideas. There are people around us who have talent and great ideas but they never receive the support they need because they are not popular. We should learn to support everyone whether they are new and upcoming without much popularity or very popular. Support makes a person feel good and it boosts their confidence. I would love to have the support that I give others. I am learning that even though I do not receive support from a lot of people around me there are people elsewhere that offer support. My advice to anyone who is upcoming and have new ideas would be to keep striving and working whether you have support from others nearby or not. You will get noticed and make a difference to someone else somewhere else.

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