Stay Focused

Today has been another long day. From going to one city to another city to home has drained me out. I came home to another load of schoolwork that I have yet to complete. As I’m sitting here I’m telling myself that I need to remain focused and keep my eyes on the prize. I do not need to slack up. When you slack up you become comfortable with it and end up not accomplishing your goals. I’m not trying to do that. I have places I want to be in life and right this is not where I want to be. I often get frustrated that some things come in my way from getting things done. More so I let people get in the way of me completing things. Something someone says about me sometimes usually stays on my mind and makes frustrated and lose focus from my prize. Today I learned something about not letting anyone get to me and wasting my emotional energy. It is a quote from Joel Osteen and I will leave an attachment of that. I hope that it helps someone else out as much as it has helped me. 

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